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TV.WINE presents a 60 Second Wine Vacation with Wachter-Wiesler

Jessica Altieri, CEO and host of Wine Channel TV, met with Christoph of Winery Wachter-Wiesler to kick off “Sip Some Austria.” Winery Wachter-Wiesler is a small wine region in Südburgenland, Austria. Winery Wachter-Wiesler is included in the Eisenberg DAC, regarded as one of the finest sites for producing Blaufränkisch in Austria. Deutsch Schützen’s soils are dense with a deeper layer of loam, resulting in darker spicier wines with softer tannins. Christoph Wachter started winemaking early to support his parents and he took over the family business, Winery Wachter-Wiesler, in 2010 at age 20.

Since his ownership of Winery Wachter-Wiesler, Christoph Watcher has been named Newcomer of the Year 2014 by Magazine Gourmet, Winemaker of the Year 2014 by Trophée Gourmet A la Carte, and Trendsetter of 2015 from VINEUS Wine Culture. His wines, harvested from these steep slopes of Deutsch-Schützen, are clear, fruity, earthy wines with fascinating tannins resulting in distinctive wines with strong personality that have won countless awards. Christoph Watcher made the decision to begin harvesting au natural, avoiding herbicides and pesticides entirely. This organic wine cultivation requires meticulous attention and deep care as Christoph explains, “No additives, no barrel…the natural way: processing with the aid of gravity, spontaneous fermentation with no yeasts, gentle treatment during the entire fermentation process and storage in large wooden barrels. We take in the cellar so far as possible, the wine does practically everything by itself.”

Wine Channel TV toured the Austrian countryside, taking viewers on a wine lifestyle tour to one of the world’s most unique wine regions uncovering countless blends and varietals that you need to try in 2016 and beyond. Wine Channel TV will be bringing you exclusive interviews with winemakers, tastemakers, and more to take you “inside” the Austrian wine scene. Austrian vineyards charm tourists with breathtaking vistas and quaint “Buschenschanks”—Austrian wine taverns. Jessica Altieri meets with winemakers along the UNESCO World Heritage landscape of the Wachau Valley, one of the most beautiful and breathtaking stretches of river valley in Europe, and ventures inside the city walls of Vienna’s palatial wonders for a vineyard located inside the infamous Schönbrunn Palace. In addition, viewers are taken along the charming Austria’s South Styrian Wine Road with exquisite wines, taverns with enchanting views, a wine hotel, home-cooked traditional Austrian dishes, natural spa resorts, and an astounding Market Hall (Genussregal) with over 1 million wine bottles to choose from—earning southern Styria the nickname, “Tuscany of Austria.” Bonus: Wine Channel TV host Jessica Altieri receives a private serenade from world-renowned tenor, Michael Schade inside Vienna’s 19th century Ferris Wheel. Stay tuned for featured wine video segments from Austria with your host Jessica Altieri.

Stay tuned to Wine Channel TV for more exclusive “Sip Some Austria” featured videos. Prost!

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